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A good quality fit out may often cost more than anticipated which is why Contractors.Direct clients now have the opportunity to spread their project cost over two years, reducing the pressure on capital expenditure.

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Who We Are

An Architectural & Interior Design Company

Shellncore leads as an Architectural & Interior Design Company, renowned for its innovative approach in transforming spaces. Specializing in architectural marvels, captivating interior design, and meticulous fit-out solutions, Shellncore embodies a commitment to crafting personalized, modern, and functional designs. Our expertise lies in seamlessly blending architectural finesse with interior allure, creating spaces that not only impress but transcend. We uphold the highest standards, surpassing those expected from even the most esteemed interior architecture firms in Dubai. Whether you envision a bold new landmark or a breathtaking interior reimagination, Shellncore is your trusted partner in turning your vision into reality.

We don’t merely design spaces; we orchestrate experiences that resonate with your unique story. Let Shellncore guide you on your design journey, and together, we’ll transform your vision into an architectural masterpiece, an interior wonderland, a space that whispers your success.

Our Expertise:

  • Architectural Marvels
  • Captivating Interior Design
  • Meticulous Fit-Out Solutions

Our Commitment:

  • Precision and creativity from concept to final fit-out.
  • Setting new industry standards.
  • Redefining commercial and residential design.



Shellncore's interior architectural expertise encompasses innovative design, conceptualization, and realization of structures that redefine landscapes. From iconic buildings to modern structures, the company's architectural prowess blends creativity with functionality, setting new benchmarks in design innovation.

Interior Design

Shellncore's interior design services epitomize elegance and functionality. With a focus on creating spaces that resonate with individual styles, their team meticulously curates designs that reflect clients' visions. Our approach intertwines aesthetic allure with practical functionality to breathe life into interior spaces.


Shellncore's fit-out solutions represent precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail. We seamlessly transform conceptual designs into tangible, functional spaces, ensuring impeccable finishes and flawless functionality. Excels in harmonizing form and function across diverse spaces, from commercial to residential setups.

From Our Clients

Ghali Alhafez
CO- Founder
Fares Orabi
CO- Founder
Remy Alhafez
Managing Partner
Omar Hijazi 1
Hanna Othman
Project Manager
Reishell Ann

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Office 405, Diamond Business Center 1, Block C, Arjan - South 3rd - Al Barsha - Dubai.

Email: info@shellncore.ae

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    What services does Shellncore offer in architectural and interior design?

    Shellncore specializes in architectural design, interior design, and fit-out solutions for both commercial and residential spaces.

    How does Shellncore determine the cost estimates for a project?

    Cost estimates are determined based on the project scope, materials, labor, and design complexity. Contact us for a personalized quote.

    Can I book a consultation or discuss my project ideas before committing?

    Absolutely! Contact us via email at info@shellncore.ae or call us directly at +971551580708 to book a consultation.

    What sets Shellncore's design approach apart from others in the industry?

    Shellncore’s approach emphasizes personalized, innovative, and functional designs that seamlessly integrate architecture and interior allure.

    How can I contact Shellncore to initiate a project discussion?

    You can reach us via email at info@shellncore.ae or call us directly at +971551580708.

    Does Shellncore assist in acquiring necessary permits and handling paperwork?

    Yes, Shellncore provides assistance in obtaining permits and managing essential project paperwork.

    What is the usual timeline for completing an architectural or interior design project?

    Project timelines vary based on scope and complexity. Contact us for a project-specific timeline estimate.

    Are there specific areas or types of spaces Shellncore specializes in designing?

    Shellncore specializes in designing various spaces, including commercial setups and residential properties.

    Does Shellncore collaborate with specific contractors or suppliers for projects?

    Yes, Shellncore has a network of reputable contractors and suppliers for projects.

    Does Shellncore offer post-project support or follow-up services after completion?

    Yes, we offer post-project support to ensure your satisfaction after the project is completed. Feel free to reach out to us for any follow-up needs.

    How does Shellncore incorporate client preferences and style into their interior design solutions?

    Shellncore prioritizes collaborative consultations to understand client preferences, ensuring the designs reflect individual styles and visions.

    Can Shellncore assist in procuring unique or specialized interior design elements or materials?

    Yes, Shellncore can assist in sourcing unique or specialized interior design elements or materials based on project requirements and client preferences.

    Does Shellncore handle project management for fit-out services, including overseeing contractors and timelines?

    Yes, Shellncore manages project timelines, oversees contractors, and ensures a seamless fit-out execution from start to finish.

    Are Shellncore's fit-out solutions customizable to suit different types of spaces, such as commercial offices or residential properties?

    Absolutely! Shellncore tailors fit-out solutions to meet the specific needs of various spaces, including commercial and residential properties.